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I work as a scientist/engineer/mathematician and I do photography as a hobby. I call my photography website, '1729 Photography', because of what this number represents. Number 1729 is called the Ramanujan number, who was a genius and a great mathematician working on Number Theory. You can find the story of the Ramanujan number online. Most probably when you read what property of this number has made it so famous among mathematicians, you might find it uninteresting and underwhelming. I know I do! But then, why did I choose 1729 photography as the name of my website? Because for me, the story of this number represents the main purpose of every creative endeavour, whether in art or in sciences: to find beauty in things that might look quite ordinary to others at the first glance. To see the world through the lens of your mind, and to highlight the hidden beauties of the ordinary and let others share that experience and that joy with you. Whether  I have been successful in doing so through my photography or not, you are the judge of that. 
I am always interested in getting in touch with other photography enthusiasts to exchange ideas or for going on joint photography excursions. And on occasion, I use my home studio or other settings to take portrait photos of others. So, if interested, you can send me a message. 
1729 photography
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